Apartments Most City Apartments Deluxe – it’s a luxury apartments with panoramic views of the city and the Dnieper River, with views of the landscaped courtyards and streets of the old city. Welcome to our apartments in Most City Center – one of the largest shopping centers in Ukraine.

Here you will find boutiques, restaurants and cafes, the modern multiplex cinema, non-stop supermarket and more. Residential Tower Most City Center – it’s prestigious business class apartments with multi-level parking, which offer you a panoramic view of city, promenade and Dnieper River. If you renting apartments in Most City, you will find yourself in three minutes from the embankment in Dnepropetrovsk, which is the longest in Europe and considered the most beautiful in Ukraine.

After you rented apartments in Most-City, you appear in three minutes from the embankment of Dnepropetrovsk which is the longest in Europe and by right it is considered the most beautiful in Ukraine. You will walk on the embankment, be able come to Monastic island bridge, Taras Shevchenko Park – the most picturesque sides of Dnepropetrovsk. There you will find attractions and beaches, zoo and aquarium. You will admire picturesque landscapes of Dnieper from a big wheel, you will listen to noise of the latest artificial falls from the granite rock of the island and you will admire game of its illumination. All best restaurants, shops and night clubs (Bartolomeo club, Paris night club, Labyrinth night club, Rio night club etc), theaters and the museums of Dnepropetrovsk are in a direct proximity to Most City Center.

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We guarantee the privacy, security, quality and comfort.