Accomodation rules


Age limit – from 25 years.

Estimated time: 14:00 (Check In) and 12:00 (Check Out)

Available late Check In (until 00.00)

Available early Check In without additional payment (only if chosen apartment free this day).

Available early Check Out in the morning if you need.

Late Check Out possible only in if there is no any following Check In of other guests this day into this apartment and it is paid in addition.

You can take the keys of apartment only in apartments after your Check In (our staff will meet you at the yard or at the reception of living-building and will accompany you to your apartment).

For Check In you need have with yourself personal documents (the passport, or the driver’s license) confirming your personality.

Pay attention! After your arrival to our apartments, for any period, after the settlement, you also pay the deposit amount (safety money) of 100$ (or equiv. UAH). This money will return to you after departure from apartment. In the case of smoking in apartment this money will not be back you in full.

In apartments M2-3, M5, M9, M12 and M17-3 deposit = 200$.

Rent of our apartments available for the term not less than 1 day.

In every our apartment available free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet, cable or satellite television, Microwave oven, round-the-clock supply of hot water, a pure linens / towels, and a full set of necessary hotel accessories (disposable slippers, shampoos, soap, etc.).

Cleaning of apartment is carried out by the maid 1 time per 3 nights and included in cost.

Cleaning of apartment can be carried out more often for additional pay.


— Smoking not available all apartments.

If apartment have the balcony — smoking possible ONLY at the balcony.

If the balcony in apartment is absent, smoking is possible ONLY on the street.

In case of violation this point you we will take a penalty from your deposit.

— forbidden exceed admissible noise level according to the legislation: listen music loudly in the period of time from 10:00 p.m. till 08:00 a.m.

In case of violation this point possibly appeals to law enforcement agencies from us and early eviction. Accommodation payment in this case will not back.

— forbidden staying in apartments more number of people which aren’t stipulated at your Check In